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Provence Je T'aime

The scent of warm bread and herbs mixes with roasted coffee as you sit in a small cafe, sipping Cafe au lait. You watch shoppers, tourists and businessmen passing by with La Tour Eiffel ever present in the background. The murmur of voices surrounds you, the other patrons enjoying the bright day as you soak in the world around you, exhilarated by the sights and sounds, anticipating the moment when everything is perfect.

Green tissue paper rustles around a bouquet of bright flowers as he catches a glimpse of her, the bright sun glinting off of her beautiful curls and the gorgeous pink cuff wrapped securely around her wrist. The same cuff she wore the first time he saw her and knew she was everything he wanted. The same cuff she wore the night he proposed, firelight casting a warm glow over the room and wine smoothing the edges from the day. Now, a brief two months later--two months that felt like an eternity to him--the honeymoon was just beginning with no end in sight.

You glance up as he approaches, eyes sparkling and a smile brightens your face with the promise of tomorrow taking his breath away.


The hand-tooled leather includes a simple Eiffel Tower design and lettering, handmade ribbon roses, and a fleur de lis snap. The vintage lace was found in an antique sewing machine cabinet and adds a mellow cream accent to the pink and brown elements. Leather is veg-tanned, tooled, colored and finished entirely by hand. The inside of the cuff is lined with brown suede for a luxurious fit. Cuff was made by hand in my home studio.

Cuff measures approximately 2wide and 9 long (5.08cm x 22.86cm).
Leather cuff fits a 6 1/2(16.51cm) wrist comfortably, a 7 (17.78cm) wrist snugly. To measure your wrist, wrap a flexible ruler around your wrist about 2 1/2" (6.35cm) below the base of the palm.

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