Custom made bespoke Dog

Custom made bespoke Dog
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Location: United Kingdom

Category: Sewing & Needlework

Consumer type: Anyone


Bespoke handmade dogs, these were made for customer as per special request. Happy to produce other breeds or other animals.

Approximately 35 - 100 cm tall Dogs, price between £100 - £250 per dog.

Made out of quality 100 % silk and 100% wool fabric. Leather collar with engraved name or message optional.

This dog have weights in legs so its stand stable. Have strong construction inside so its very solid product, but still soft to touch.

Available in several fabrics, sizes and shapes please inbox me for more details also check my other products.

For large bespoke orders 20% deposit is required.

Shipping information

Country Single Item shipping 2 & more items
International $10.00
United Kingdom $7.00
United States $15.00

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