Machine Embroidered Stamped Mini Tote Bag

Posted by on Jun 24, 2022

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Machine Embroidered Stamped Mini Tote Bag
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Totes are the easiest bags to make, but anything easy to make, though great for learning, is not so great if you are trying to compete in the marketplace – high supply often leads to lowered demand.

I think that if you spend a couple of hours on the print for your bag you will have a beautiful product that no one else will have, and you will be able to use the powerful selling line “I even made the print”. I think it is a relatively simple and effective way to make your product that much more valuable.

This is a small tote bag but you can carry a few things in it, dimensions: H13″, W9″, D4″.

Fully lined with an internal loop to you can attach a wallet or a key chain.With hand-made embroidered handles.

Get the free tutorial here: