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If Inspirational Jewelry Quotes are an important part of your jewelry box, This too Shall Pass could be another piece of inspiration.......

Legend says that long ago, in the lands of Eastern Persia, there lived a very powerful ruler. One day in his court, this ruler gathered his sages together. He asked them for one quote that, throughout all of time and in any situation, would be accurate. The wise men, in deep discussion and contemplation of this task, finally came up with their answer … “this too, shall pass.”

These words have lasted throughout history, spanning cultures, religions, and generations. The meaning and intention have remained unchanged, bringing solace to people in the most difficult of times.

This quote speaks to the human condition, that regardless of how the serendipity of life has chosen to deal with us, it will soon pass. Change is the one constant in the universe, and whatever is painful today, may not be tomorrow.

The subtler meaning of these words is a call to action … it is to be conscious and aware of the good time, to remember in the moment to savor and value joy, as, change, is the one constant in the universe…

Each pendants is individually hand-stamped by me; there are no two exactly alike. It is available in either a 1" Gold or 1” Silver disc with a Vitrale crystal. (Vitrale is a term for stained glass windows with amazing colors). I chose this crystal for this pendant because through the difficult times in life, there are often pockets of color to help us through. Often the most difficult of circumstances becomes the fertilizer for the biggest of blossoms. We may not see it in the moment … perhaps the colors within the crystal are the beginnings of blossoms.

There are two chain lengths available for this pendant, either 18” of 24”. Please use the drop down menu above to make your choice. Thank you!

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