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Recycled Soda Bottle Brooch from 'Jewelry Upcycled!'

Have you ever noticed that the bottom of most plastic bottles looks just like a molded flower shape? As Sherri Haab explains in the book Jewelry Upcycled! all you need to do is cut it out and you have an instant shape to use for a jewelry design. By melting it slightly you can soften the edges of the cut plastic. Add beads for extra sparkle to make a brooch or pin.

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Step 1

Remove the bottle bottom Use scissors to remove the bottom portion of the soda pop or water bottle. Notice how the cut shape looks like a flower.

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Step 2

Trim the petals Trim the edges as shown to shape the edges of the petals.

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Step 3

Prepare for heating the plastic by wearing a respirator to protect you from plastic fumes and choose a well-ventilated work area. (Make sure the respirator is rated for vapors and not just dust.) With the flower shape on a tile or other heat-resistant surface, center a wooden dapping punch and press lightly to hold the shape in place. Using the embossing heat tool, evenly heat the plastic and rotate around the shape slowly to ensure proper heating. (Wait for the piece to cool before handling.) The piece will shrink slightly and the plastic will thicken.

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Step 4

Work on a folded piece of wax paper and mix a small amount of clear quick-setting epoxy resin with a toothpick.

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Step 5

Use a toothpick to apply the epoxy to set the beads in the center of the flower. Let the piece sit overnight to dry.

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Step 6

Once the epoxy has hardened, flip the piece over and apply epoxy to attach the pin back finding.

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