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Polymer Clay Marshmallow Earrings

Mei Pak of Tiny Hands Jewelry twists pastel polymer clay to make marshmallow beads, great for earrings, necklaces and other candy-inspired jewelry bead charms.


  • Polymer clay in three pastel colors
  • Blade or craft knife
  • Eyepins if making into charms
  • All-purpose glue or nail varnish
  • Paintbrush

Source Cute Scented Jewelry and Food Jewelry by Mei Pak at Tiny Ha...

Step 1

Roll polymer clay into balls. Then with one finger, slowly roll them out into logs.

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Step 2

With two logs side by side at the bottom, stack the other log on top.

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Step 3

With both hands on each end of the logs, twist in opposite directions. Place twisted logs on a flat surface and gently roll to flatten out the creases.

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Step 4

Cut up equal sizes of the marshmallow log with a craft knife. Insert eyepins at the end. Bake in the oven following the polymer clay package instructions.

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Step 5

Once baked, allow to cool completely. With a paintbrush, apply a thin coat of all-purpose glue on the marshmallows (or use nail varnish) for a nice shine. String with other beads to make into jewelry!

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