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Toy Cardboard Laptop — Craft for Kids

This cardboard laptop is the perfect compromise between technology and good, old-fashioned pretend play. It’s made with a chalkboard screen and keyboard so kids can practice typing, drawing, recognizing letters… the list goes on. It’s screen time that you’ll never have to feel guilty about!

Excerpted with permission from Cardboard Creations for Kids: 50 Fun and Inventive Crafts Using Recycled Materials.

Step 1


Steel ruler Pencil 1(12 x 22” [30.5 x 56 cm]) piece single wall cardboard Box cutter Cutting mat Scissors Chalkboard vinyl sticker Hot glue gun Duct tape

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Step 2


Use the ruler and pencil to measure and draw 2 rectangles from the cardboard, each 8 x 11 ½ inches (20 x 29 cm). Cut out the rectangles with the box cutter, using the cutting mat to protect your working surface, We also rounded off the corners to remove the sharp edges.

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Step 3

To create the screen, with the scissors, cut a piece from the chalkboard vinyl that’s slightly smaller than one of the cardboard pieces.

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Step 4

To create the keys, adhere another piece of chalkboard vinyl to a leftover piece of cardboard. Cut the vinyl-covered cardboard into ¾-inch (2-cm) strips. Then cut the strips into different-sized squares and rectangles. Cut a rectangle with the natural cardboard finish that’s 2 ½ x 5 inches (6.5 x 13 cm) for the trackpad.

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Step 5

Use the hot glue gun to attach the keys and trackpad to the second large rectangular piece to make the base of the laptop.

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Step 6

To assemble the screen and keyboard, hold the screen and keyboard, hold the screen at the angle you’d like it to sit at when open, and use a piece of duct tape to attach the pieces together. Close the laptop, and then add another piece of tape to the other side to reinforce it.

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Step 7


Try making a chalkboard tablet or phone as well for some low-tech screen time on the go. If you can’t get chalkboard vinyl, you can always use clear packing tape over the top of the cardboard to create a swipeable screen that you can use with dry-erase markers.

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