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DIY Jewelry Headband

Turn a broken strand of costume pearls into a tiara-esque DIY jewelry headband, great for weddings, proms or (as I will enjoy it) an extra treat while cleaning the house. This how-to works for most strand jewelry, and can also work with pendants. To prevent the pendant from sliding, consider attaching a hair clip to the back of the piece and securing to hair before you wear it.

Materials & Tools:

-Necklace -1-2 needle nose pliers -Elastic thin enough to fit into a jewelry closure. (*See note below) -Thread and sewing

Step 1

Prep Elastic:

If using elastic, fold each end over to create a loop and then secure with thread.

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Step 2

Prep Jewelry:

If present, remove the link of jump rings often used to adjust the necklace's length.

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Step 3

Attach Elastic:

Open the jump ring using pliers, and then insert the elastic or rubber band. Close again using the pliers.

Insert the elastic's other end into the jewelry closure. Give a few stretches to test for security.

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Step 4


-For the closure, I used a thin rubber band, which will hide easily under short hair without creating bumps. For those with longer hair, consider sewing velvet or satin ribbon to hide the elastic.

-*To know how much elastic to use, measure your head's curcumference with a cloth measuring tape (or trace it with a string and then measure the string against a ruler). Also, measure the necklace. Subtract the head circumference from the length of the jewelry. Whatever is left is how much elastic you need.

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