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Crochet Wire Jewelry Hair Clip

Use your smallest crochet hook and some jewelry wire to make unique and interesting crochet wire jewelry. Copper wire threaded with a contrasting-color bead can become a unique hair decor, pin or even shoe embellishment.

Materials & Tools:

  • Wire (Gauge 28 or thinner)
  • Crochet hook (the smallest you have)
  • Wire cutters or needle-nose pliers
  • Beads (optional)
  • Pin backing (optional)

Step 1

Wrap the wire around the handle of your crochet hook 4-5 times, staggering each loop so that they don't touch the other loops. You want each loop to be the same size.

Remove the wire from the hook and squeeze the loops together so that they are now stacked on top of one another. You now have what would normally serve as a slipknot, if you were crocheting with yarn.

Step 2

With your crochet hook, grab the wire coming from the spool, just like you would with crochet, and SC around the center loop until you can't make any more stitches. You should have a complete circle.

Bind off your wire by cutting the wire with wire cutters (or bending it back and forth with the pliers until the wire snaps). Then, pull the cut wire through your last loop. Secure the wire by wrapping the end several times around the last loop.

To the wire, glue or secure a pin backing or even a bobby pin to complete the crochet jewelry.

Step 3

To add beads, measure roughly 3 feet of wire and cut. Complete steps 1 and 2, except add a bead every 2-3 SC stitches.