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Copper Jewelry - Basic Earring Loop

Almost any bent-wire link or bead link can quickly be turned into an earring with the addition of a simple earring loop. Loops can be worked in wire gauges from 26 through 18. You can work the connecting loop of an earring with either a simple side-loop or a wrapped loop.

Earring loops can be worked in a variety of shapes and sizes. Be creative with your loops by experimenting with different shapes for the curve area and different lengths.

--Excerpted from Easy & Elegant Beaded Copper Jewelry: How to Create Beautiful Fashion Accessories from a Few Basic Steps by Lora S. Irish, published by Fox Chapel. Photographs from Lori S. Irish and Scott Kriner.


-20 gauge wire -Round-nose pliers -Flush wire cutters -Fine sandpaper or fingernail file

Source , Easy & Elegant Beaded Copper Jewelry: How to C...

Step 1

To create the basic earring wire, cut two 4" (102mm) lengths of 20-gauge wire. To ensure the two earring wires will have matching sizes and shape, work them through each of these steps at the same time. Grip the end of the wire in your round-nose pliers and roll the wire into a simple side-loop.

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Step 2

Place the working wire against any round shaped form to create the curve of the earring. I used the handle area of my nylon-grip pliers.

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Step 3

Holding the earring wire against the form, add a small bend below the curve shape. This gives the earring a shallow turn-back design.

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Step 4

Use your flush wire cutters to clip the earrings to length. You can use fine sandpaper or a fine fingernail file to gently sand the end of the earring to make it more comfortable to use.

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