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Upcycled Cardboard Camping Tent — Craft for Kids


This camping tent makes the perfect cubby house! It has a curtain that can be pulled up or down, and it also folds flat for easy storage. Let the kids pile up the cushions and grab a blanket for a pretend campout-it’s living room camping at its best!

Excerpted with permission from Cardboard Creations for Kids: 50 Fun and Inventive Crafts Using Recycled Materials.

Step 1


3 LARGE (35X47”[89X120-CM) cardboard sheets Steel ruler Box cutter Cutting mat Masking tape Ribbon Scissors Hot glue gun Pinking shears (optional) (31x43”[79 x 109cm} ) Fabric offcut You can cut down large boxes to create the cardboard sheets or piece them together by taping smaller pieces to make up the size.

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Step 2


With the steel ruler as a guide, use the box cutter to cut 1 of the cardboard sheets in half lengthwise to create the base of the tent. Use the cutting mat underneath to protect your working surface. The remaining 2 cardboard sheets will become the sides of the tent.

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Step 3

With the box cutter, cut out a window opening on the center of one of the large pieces of cardboard. We made ours 31 x 21 ½ inches (79 x 55 cm) with rounded corners.

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Step 4

Tape the 2 large pieces of cardboard together at the top with masking tape, leaving a small gap between the pieces to allow them to fold completely. Repeat for the 2 smaller pieces to create the base.

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Step 5

Use masking tape to attach the 2 larger pieces to the base at each side. Leave a small gap at these joints so that the tent can fold flat to store.

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Step 6

Cut 2 pieces of ribbon around 24 inches (61 cm) long with the scissors. Fold each of the ribbon pieces in half, and hot glue the center of each piece to the top edge of the window. They should be located around 5 ½ inches (14 cm) from each edge of the window. Once the glue has set, run the top half of the ribbons up and over the top of the tent, and hot glue the other end to the back of the tent to keep it in place. Leave the bottom half of the ribbon loose as it will act as a curtain tie in the next step.

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Step 7

Cut a piece of scrap fabric into a rectangle large enough to cover your window and overhang each side. We cut ours with pinking shears to keep it from fraying. You can use scissors instead. Roll the top edge over, and then hot glue it in a straight line above the window. When you want the curtain open, simply roll it up and tie the ribbons to keep it in place.

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