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Beaded Cuff Bloom Bracelet

By using multi-color cube glass beads and a roll of tiger tail wire, you can make a wonderful handmade beaded cuff bracelet decorated with lovely blooms. Detailed beading diagram and making processes below.

Step 1

The whole bracelet can be simply divided into 10 rows (namely the letter a-j in picture).

Firstly, take a section of tiger tail wire (the wire needed for the project may be really long so that you can also divide that into several parts), string Black Cube Glass Bead*1, blue Cube Glass Bead*8 and Black Cube Glass Bead*1 on the string; leave about 15cm space from the end.

Second, thread the wire from the top back to bottom. During this process, add another 5 Cube Glass Beads (black*1, blue*4).

Third, lead the wire from bottom to top and continue adding beads as before.

Repeat eight times.

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Step 2

According to the diagram, we can see that from the NO.h8 (the8th bead in Row-h), we may start to change some blue beads with other color beads.

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Step 3

In this project, because I use the tiger tail wire as the main string material, a clap is a must-have so that the bracelet is convenient to wear and take off. In the end, leave 15~20cm to wrap the clasp onto the bracelet.

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Step 4

You're finished, congrats!